New AIS functionalities released

We just released some great new AIS functionalities. For allpsd2 AIS consents the account holder name will be available now and you will have the possibility to fetch a list of trusted beneficiaries which might be useful for the PSU when setting up a PIS consent. Also, TPP's can now fetch a full list of standing orders.


New version of the Sandbox: New SCA Oauth2 response in consent creation/payment submission

We want to inform you that the new release of the version 6 of the PSD2 APIs will be available on 26/11/2020 on our environment. This version brings a breaking change for you in the creation of a consent or a payment submission. To better understand this breaking change, we invite you to read the new 'HowTo':


Update of our APIs and Sandbox

We are happy to announce that our APIs and Sandbox will soon be updated, offering new features and improvements in line with the latest evolutions on the interpretation of the Berlin Group specifications.  Our update includes: 
  • PIS Workflow 
    • Cross border payments
    • Periodic payments
    • Bulk payments
    • New optional property management on payments


API's go live soon

The API’s to connect with Bank J.Van Breda & C° and Bank de Kremer expose a variety of functionalities and will soon be available. This includes initiation of single sepa credit transfers, account information and confirmation of funds. We are working to include even more in the future (standing orders, multisigning, bulk payments…). Be sure to regularly check the portal for updates.