We are happy to announce that our APIs and Sandbox will soon be updated, offering new features and improvements in line with the latest evolutions on the interpretation of the Berlin Group specifications.  Our update includes: 
  • PIS Workflow 
    • Cross border payments
    • Periodic payments
    • Bulk payments
    • New optional property management on payments  - Additional optional fields can be provided by the TPP during the payment workflow. Please be aware that these fields are only accepted if they are supported by our core banking system. If the TPP provides a field that is not supported, the payment will be blocked and the PSD2 platform will automatically return an error to the TPP. An overview of supported fields can be found on https://xs2a-devportal.bankvanbreda.be/content/howto/specific-implementation
  • Authorizations 
    • Multi SCA
The documentation on this portal will be updated accordingly. We keep you informed.  If you have any questions, you can contact us by clicking on the "Contact button" in the footer.